Stereotypes Of Love In Poetry

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Love is one of the biggest topics in popular culture for a reason; no-one can describe it and everyone has different understanding and reflections of it. Poets have infinite opportunity to create and describe their experiences with persons of interest if they label their emotions as love or a previous experience as a “love story”.The lack of knowledge and facts that can be provided to truly explain and describe what love is, is what makes love such a popular topic for poets. Writing poetry with a theme of love leaves poets without writing boundaries, they can create their own ambience and vision throughout the texts they create with no stereotypes or popular belief about love to constrict their freedom of writing. Reading poetry influenced …show more content…

It can have several representations. Love can be used to explain one’s personal attachment to an object or a being. Love’s main portrayal in poetry discusses of immense affection towards another, such as searching for a significant other. This is because this is the most desired and popular form of love. The reason affection towards someone is as popular as it is, is due to it being the simplest form of love possible. Stereotypes have helped shape the stigma that links love to happiness. Writers explore this stereotype of love relating to happiness and tend to take a side of the ever going argument, does love truly relate to happiness? ‘One Crowded Hour’ Augie March writes “I thought I had found my golden September in the middle of that purple June / But one crowded hour would lead to my wreck and ruin” (L12-13). Augie March speaks affirmatively of linking love to happiness . Augie uses colour symbolism by using “Golden September” to represent perfect love, as golden is associated with winning and getting the best outcome possible. Assuming Augie March is referencing Spring when talking about September, Spring is known to be a season of happiness and well-being. “Purple June” purple being a restrained, gloomy and dark colour. Assuming Augie March is referring to Winter when talking about

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  • Explains that love is one of the biggest topics in popular culture because no-one can describe it and everyone has different understanding and reflections of it.
  • Analyzes how wb yeats' "when you are old" states that those who claim to love a woman because of her looks and brilliance do not love her truly and that their proclaimed love is simply superficial and fake.
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