Stereotypes In Advertising

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In today’s society people try to be something that they are not and completely forget who they are due to the stereotypes and advertisement that has brain wash them. We see a lot of advertisement from TV, Billboards to magazines. Such advertisements have change how people look and think of themselves in many different perspectives. But the real problem is how advertisements use and identify females as sex objects, dumb and weak. The stereotypes are seen in both females and males but it takes a big impact in females by comparing them with sex objects and putting them down. Advertisement takes a big role in today’s society from cosmetics for females to male enhancement supplements. Since the 1970s the advertisement industry has grown to what…show more content…
The uses of advertisement are over the top to the point that I makes females feel insecure, have low self-esteem and set unhealthy and dangerous health diets. But advertisement’s not only affects women it also affects young girls which feel pressure to keep up with the latest beauty trends and have overwhelming standards of having the perfect body or looking like the models shown in such ads. Such advertisement’s not only set overwhelming standards but also compare women as sex objects, weak and dumb only to appeal to the masculine side to show who is more dominant. According to Katherine Toland associate professor in the School of Communication and Information at Nanyang Technological University Singapore and Barbara Mueller coordinator of the Media Studies Program at San Diego State University, explains the role that the media plays in the life’s of young girls is a development of their identity (p.5). When young girls are exposed to this type of ads they are bombarded with all this expectations and self-image they have to have in order to be consider beautiful or sexy. As a result in order to meet these expectations girls temp to take risky diets and develop eating disorders that can put their lives at risk. As shown in this Victoria’s Secret advertisement, this is how young girls have to look in order to be considered beautiful or…show more content…
Mem also temp to be affect by such ads in a high level too, comparing them to a lazy bum or a person not capable of doing such simple task as cooking. The image of men has change over time to the person that provides for the family to the lazy dad that can help around the house. Such advertisements have shape a negative image of the masculine side showing that men are only good for work. Many people might not see this but men also have all the pressure by being bombarded with all this expectations of being the strong one, having a good carrier or job and being able to provide for everyone in the house hold. McClure and Kennedy, states, “Mom didn’t make this meal; it seems this task was easy enough even for dumb, old dad to handle” (p.1). As men we are not only capable of working and providing for the family but also are able to cook and help around the house hold. Even though men are also targets of advertisement women are more impacted by this in many different levels setting an impossible standard for them on how they see themselves and how others see them. It could be the case that men are also impacted by advertisement but women are the ones that get bombarded with all this expectations. An example the things and the time a man takes to get ready compared to the time a female gets ready is much of a difference because such ads have shape and image of females

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