Stereotypes In A Trip To China

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Its so easy to assume something about a place or a person you don’t know by listening to stories, reading books, and even watching TV. Stereotypes are hard to break and not always true. They can be true to an extent but they are rarely completely accurate to what others say. I have always struggled to not stereotype people but it’s a hard task because we of the media we have and they way everyone around us judges people and places. This is something that I truly experienced when I traveled to China. My best friend was the HOBY sponsor for my high school. Junior year she told me about this trip to China for a youth global conference happening in the spring, she told me that you don’t have to be a member of HOBY to attend this trip. I was so…show more content…
That’s not true, I learned it the hard way. Before going to China I heard stories about how they cook cats and dogs and they call it “chicken.” That is ridiculous, I ate so many different types of food in China but dog and cat was not one of them. In China, I tried raw octopus, which was absolutely disgusting, I’ve tried fried jelly fish, which was decently good, and I’ve tried dumplings with mysterious insides, some were good, like the sausage, others put me off to dumplings until this day. The food in China was nothing like American Chinese food. I couldn’t find by usual order of sesame chicken looking the same as it did in American. The American companies in China were completely different as well. While I got the best Pizza Hut pizza in China rather than America, the McDonalds was different. McDonald’s had similar things to what we have in America, but it wasn’t the same. When I was there I got a chicken sandwich, it was pretty good, but nothing like the McDonald’s here in America. The food was my main concern about going to China because I’m a picky eater to begin with. But overall, I found things that I liked and was able to eat, causing the stereotypes about food in China to be completely different from what I

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