Stereotypes Are Stereotypes

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We are stereotypes
Coming from a different history or culture can be hard if you are trying to fit into a new society. Stereotypes are being used to categorize people into groups based on their background. People like Brent Staples and Judith Ortiz Cofer have experienced multiple situations on which their race, ethnicity, or religion prevented them from pursuing a certain profession or activity. Staples an African male graduated from the university of Chicago with a doctorate in psychology experienced many racial stereotypes based on his skin color. Similarly, Judith Ortiz Cofer a latina woman earned a BA in English from August College and an MA in English from Florida Atlantic university was judged by her culture and the way that she was perceived to other people. Their essays inform us on how they developed their social identities and tell us whether
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Even though Staples was having the trouble of him not being feared, he says ”I whistle melodies from Beethoven and vivaldi.. Even steely new yorkers hunching toward nightmare destinations seem to relax”(20). Staples change his social identity to avert being the typical stereotype just like Ortiz. Claude Steele has proved his point by mentioning that “they come from the way a society, at a given time, is organized around an identity like race”(3). He uses the stereotypical black male to make his statement that stereotypes are categorized and determined by our history. We are not intentionally Trying to offend other people, it is simply that the media network portrays how we see other and the media gives us an idea of what they stereotypes look like and how they should act. Staples and Steele were entitled to do to the fact that they needed to act upon a change in order to survive with the
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