Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of Television

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Obviously, we as a society knows that we are aware of stereotypes we have against both men and women. Some of them are so obvious that we can tell what is plainly absurd and/or sexist. However, our televised media (specifically the western region), subtly hint out stereotypes for both sexes that has stuck with us for several decades. Whether you believe it or not, television has a major influence in today’s meaning as for our roles of being feminine and/or masculine. Of course, in most households, children does not always determine what is for boys and what is for girls by what they see on tv. They learn from what their peers say about themselves and what kids would say in school also. The few basic things we learn from our peers for girls is to behave, do not act wild like boys especially when eating and to appear kind. For boys they learn to respect each other, especially girls. To be a good example to another fellow and groom to become a gentleman of sorts. However, in television they seem to alter some points of how a boy should act and how a girl should as well. For females, they are portrayed to be quite snobby. In their older years they are then portrayed as beings who fascinated by material things and trap to an unlucky future for a man who is married to them. Half a century ago women had stood up from being a man’s tool around the house and yet here to this day we still have commercials of women looking happy cleaning the mess her husband/children has made in commercials when it was them who caused it. Have you ever noticed in some of the sitcoms focusing a male, he has a wife that always drags the scene as someone who doesn’t know how to be fun? If you ever seen a woman in that kind of show and she knows how to be as... ... middle of paper ... is that we should acknowledge that television can (at most times), be toxic to our masculinity and femininity and that we should judge ourselves rightfully to if how we act is considered feminine or masculine without the help of television. Lately, they produce shows showing more emotion for men that it is okay to feel sad and be open about it. We also see shows with women being funny and not being shamed over it or make them have an unlucky experience in shows. For the younger audience, girls are getting more light to being powerful and strong while for boys they help them want to find themselves with doing activities boys get shamed for in the early 2000’s shows like cooking, dealing with fashion and hygiene. It will be hard to change the effect tv has had on us. But in due time, we can change our attitude to what we find strange a man or woman can or can’t do.
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