Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of Television

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Sitcoms on television often use cultural representations in character choices as well as in situations the characters may fall into. Popular cultural themes can be shown in relationships between characters, such a family dynamic. One of the most popular examples of a typical family dynamic is a when the father of the family is on top of the hierarchy. We have seen this family stereotype on television for decades, namely Leave it to Beaver. Over time, stereotypes and norms of western culture have been embedded into popular television programing. A prevalent sitcom over the past six years has been a show called The League, which gained popularity due to the rise in popularity of fantasy football. The show made to be a comedy based around a group of friends who partake in a fantasy football league. In this show, many obvious cultural stereotypes arise that can be found in many other television shows. The show The League Is about a six friends who play fantasy football together, the characters are lifelong friends in their early thirties who are extremely competitive. One of the main characters is Kevin, who is the Leagues administrator is married to Jenny and have a daughter together named Ellie. Kevin and Jenny’s relationship is interesting because they both have a high competitive drive. Kevin often plays second fiddle to Jenny and is seen as less intelligent than his wife. Jenny plays the stereotype of women knowing more than her “stupid husband” and often tricking Kevin into what she wants, usually by withholding sex. Jenny also is not allowed to play in the fantasy league because of her gender, despite being very knowledgeable of football. Another main character is Rodney Ruxin, known simply as Ruxin, who is Jewish and stereotyp... ... middle of paper ... ...ity for his choice in clothing and general attitude. Because Andre cares about style, the group jumps to the conclusion that he must be gay. Gender norms and ideologies are a prevalent theme in this show. Overall this show portrays men as the stereotypical rough and rugged all American man. Men are the focal point of this show especially white men. Men act and behave as society says they should, and when they do not, it is supposed to be taken as humorous. It is clear when the gender norms are broken by the way the characters react to the situation. The League is a prime example of western culture implemented into characters of a television show. Whither the decisions are purposeful, such as gender roles or possibly accidental, such as racial decisions of the characters. American culture is the reason for all of these decisions within this television show.
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