Stereotype Vs. Generalization : Stereotypes And Stereotypes

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Stereotypes are assumptions assigned to groups of people related to their race, nationality, ethnicity, and sometimes their sexual orientation. People put different groups of people in manners that lead to discrimination and can ignore the unique diversity within the different groups. Another idea is that stereotypes are automatically there and will not change, over speculation and over a belief about a particular group or class of people based on experiences. Stereotype vs. Generalization While all stereotypes are generalizations, not all generalizations are stereotypes. Stereotypes are misunderstandings or ideas of different people widely used in certain societies. In the United States, for example, racial groups are linked to stereotypes such as being good at math, athletics, crimes and others as well. So well-known are these stereotypes in countries that the average American would not likely hesitate if asked which nationality is known for being great hockey players. On the other hand, a person can make an inference about an ethnic group that hasn’t been as well known in society. Such as, a woman encounters individuals from an ethnic group and finds them to be great parents. Based on her encounters with this racial group, she may conclude that anyone from this ethnic group must be an excellent parent. In this instance, she would be guilty of having a stereotype, but an observer might think twice about calling her conclusion a stereotype because no particular group in the U.S. has the definition of being great parents. Can a Stereotype be Good? Both negative and positive stereotypes do exist, but even the positive ones do harm. Maybe a child belongs to a racial group known for being very smart. This particular child suffers fr... ... middle of paper ... ...tereotypes many. What kinds of backgrounds change our view of stereotypes? Usually many people who are more stereotypical than others are people who do not "hang out" with the other races. This makes them accuse the different races of these people more often than others. If you have been raised and your town or city or even just your overall friends are a diverse group of people than you are less likely to be stereotypical because you often see the different views of each cultures. Without being racist people can include stereotypes, families are one of the worst. Many parents make it obvious that they want their kid to go to college and make sure that they have good grades and always do their best. Along with that parents pressure you to make sure you go to college when you may not need to go to college for a good job. Although that may not be true all the time.
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