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“Our country the United States is a large melting pot of many different cultures. Running into people from a different culture is a daily experience in some areas of this country” (Keen, 2011). Even though these experiences offer us a chance to embrace and recognize diversity, this is not always the case. There are many people who view these experiences as negative and this is solely based on nothing more than preconceived stereotypes. Stereotyping is simplified to the point of distortion, usually derogatory attitudes people hold toward those outside of their own experiences who are different from them. This is the result of incomplete or distorted information that is accepted as fact without question. This is due to the process of overgeneralization within our…show more content…
Sex, race, age, sexual orientation, religion and physical ability are the major categories which exist in stereotyping. The two most common ones are gender and race which are extremely prevalent in our society even now. These two stereotypes are what many adolescents are facing gender role stereotypes and racial ones are unfortunately common and very prevalent in our society. Examples of gender stereotypes female adolescents’ face are many they are expected to match the ideal body, mental, emotional schematic society has created and that is not ok. All people are not the same and forcing young girls to comfort to these preset ideas is causing more harm than good. They are expected to dress sexy and reviling and not suppose to be smart and rely on males in order to survive and make

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