Stereoptyping, Labeling, Pre-judging

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Stereoptyping, Labeling, Pre-judging One day as I was shopping in Patterson’s at the mall here in Bemidji I noticed somethin that I have seen quite a lot of as I have been living in this town of racial diversity. I seemed to notice when I walked in the store with my mom we got the expected "Hello, can I help you find something?". We said "No, we are just looking." and went on our way through the store. A couple of minutes later some Natives came in the store and the guy who was working acted much different. He kind of looked at them with a disgusted look and followed them about the store without really saying anything. If he did it was something like "What size are you looking for?", no hellos or any chance of using the word help. I watched how he kind of looked at them with a sick grin on his face resembling a smirk of disgust. My mom also saw this same thing happen a couple of days earlier but didn’t say anything until we left the store. I have never really liked this guy working there because I have seen him do this almost every time I am in the store and that type of thi...

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