Stepping Stones for the Future

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Without the advancements made in technology in the nineteen thirties where would we be today.? The 1930s saw many advances in technology and new inventions that were the stepping stones for some of our technology today. Some of those advancements were in the areas of food, entertainment, and building technology. The advances in food technology in the 1930s changed the world of food forever. The introduction of frozen food technology “revolutionized food storage” (“Industrial Thirties”) that we see today. “The technology was invented by Clarence Birdseye in 1930” (“Frozen foods”). Before frozen food technology came along people had to use ice chests to keep food cold. Food wasn’t was not made to stay good very long and much went to waste unless it was eaten quickly. This was a problem for both consumers and produce sellers. When the introduction of frozen food came along, it was a big change allowing people to get fresh food for a longer period of time. It saved consumers time and money and allowed sellers a wider variety of food. Food no longer would quickly spoil and g...
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