Stepping Backward with Our Current Healthcare System

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Many people take different sides on the health care policy reforms in today’s time. In my paper I will talk about how I think the health care system we are “trying” out is a step backward for the United States. Possibly if we took the right actions towards what we are trying to accomplish with the health care system we have right now, we might be going forward in the right direction. But for now I feel like it is pushing us backwards. Health care reform is a law passed by Congress that was designed to provide greater access to health care. While the government played a large role by passing the law and will play a role in running the Health Insurance Marketplace, the law says that individuals, employers, doctors and hospitals all have a role to play.
Us, as individuals have to be insured in 2014. If you are not insured by the year 2014 you will have to pay an annual tax of either 1% of your income or $95 dollars whichever is larger, when you file taxes the following year. If you are not insured by the year 2017 this tax will increase to be 2.5% of your income of $695 whichever is larger. The people that are supposed to be paying for this universal health care are the young middle class citizens. Except the ones that are supposed to be paying for it are not signing up for it. Therefore, the people in that class that are signed up for it will have higher rates that previously promised by the President and the Democratic Party. Which in turn would lead to higher rates for everyone with less coverage than they once had before.
What does this mean for employers? This new health care reform differs depending on the number of employees you have working for your company. If you have 50 or more employees working for your company you have...

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...20 years.” (Holtz-Eakin, 2013). Why would we want to add so much more money to our debt?

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