Stephen Prina's Lens Reflex

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The Thomas Duncan Gallery in Los Angelas, California has a group exhibition curated by Steven Baldi. The show all together shows the sensitivity to the camera as being a tool and a use of the photographic apparatus. All of the works in the show “utilize” the camera’s ability to create a photograph. The exhibition shows the ability to use the camera to create something but showing an object that is tied to the camera but also is separate.
Stephen Prina works in my different mediums to create his work. He is a musician and composer who had interpreted works by Beethoven, Sonic Youth, Steely Dan and many others. He is a member of an Avant-Garde Rock Band called The Red Krayola and is also a solo pop artist. Prina focuses on one art project at a time but they all have to one another in installations. He uses historical subjects in most of his works. In his art, he always looks back to “preexisting” visual art, music or film. His work explores various characteristics like body, continuity, frame, fashion, figure, landscape, making, etc.. His series, Homo Faber, is one of many of his projects where he explores the aspects of form, history, and the context of art, which in this case would be photography. He explores multiple types of media and focuses on the materiality more than the object itself. Photography does the same way where the tools and materials used are more important than the object that was being taken. Stephen Prina uses photography to address this “apparatus” that he is thinking about when creating this body of work without actually using the camera itself.
When looking at the image the viewer can see that it has visible aspects of being a traditional black and white photograph. The image looks as if it was developed q...

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...d how it is mistaken for something that it is not.
Stephen Prina uses all of these different elements to create an image that reflects an image of a photograph but in all actuality it is painting/drawing. But by using different types of materials and focusing on photography as being the basis he achieves what he wants from the audience, which is for them to think that this image is a photograph. Victor Burgin talks about this in his essay of “Looking at Photographs” that addresses that people are looking at images in a different way than they are use to which is what upsets him. That photography and image viewing is different and people need to realize this when coming in to a gallery space. By using various materials, Prina is addressing his concern with using materials that are not related to photography but having the actual art be a reflection of a photograph.

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