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CP English 10 January 5, 2018
Stephen King’s Horror in His Books Stephen King is one of the most famous horror writers in this time. King is a very powerful author whose books are read by many. His fame is due to the amazing ideas he has in his head and from his life experiences. King’s stories are very popular to many people. His stories include many different characters and places. He went through many things in life which is shown in his books. King was very poor most of his early life including his college years. His first book took him many years to write, but life experiences he faced helped him finish his first horror book. The book started as a story called, Carrie which ended up changing his life tremendously.
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Growing up, King was raised by a single mother after his father abandoned them when King was only 2 years old (Who is Stephen King). One life altering event that occurred when he was young was when he witnessed the death of one of his best friends which is said to have played a role in some of his darker writings (Who is Stephen King). When he was younger he loved to read horror novels and read a collection of short stories written by H. P. Lovecraft that were left behind from his father (Who is Stephen King). After reading these, he realized his life’s calling. Then after watching an alien movie he realized that horror is an emotion that we struggle to overcome (Madison 81). He had always wanted to be a writer at a very young age. He tried writing stories and sending them to magazines, but they were rejected. In college, King published his first short story that was put in the Startling Mystery Stories (Wukovits 28). Also, he wrote his first novel called The Long Walk which he entered in a book contest (Wukovits 28). After being rejected, he was discouraged from sending that book to the publisher (Wukovits 28). King’s college years were not that productive. By the end of college, he hadn’t published any…show more content…
An editor wanted to publish his book, Getting It On, but the company turned it down (Madison 86). Novel after novel was getting turned down. Then one day while sitting in his furnace room, he pulled out an unpublished short story and started to turn it into a novel, but he didn’t like the progress he was making on the novel, so he stopped working on it and forgot about it (Madison 86). Sometime after this occurred, his wife Tabitha found it and urged her husband to finish it and send it to the publishers (Madison 86). The book he sent was Carrie and it was his first published book that became a best seller. After writing more and more best sellers he worked with a comic artist to create a giant-sized comic book called Creepshow (Madison 88) Many of King’s top sellers were turned into movies. King writes so quickly that he started to write under another name and that was Richard Bachman (Madison 89). King writes most of his books in an office he built in his own home (Madison 89). He mostly writes in the morning and does other things for the rest of the day (Madison 89). Stephen’s novels have won many awards including the World Fantasy Award (Madison 89). Today, King is the author of 33 books and dozens of short stories and several screenplays (Madison 89). He has no plans to retire and he feels that writing is a way of staying young (Madison 91). Stephen King is one of the best known and
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