Stephen King Crave Horror

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Do you ever wonder why you or other people like horror movies? What makes them so interesting? Why does the general society enjoy entertaining themselves with the horror genre? Well, Stephen King might have the answer to that. Mr. King strongly agrees with the idea that we might all have a little craving for watching such morbid scenes or reading about them, and creating our own gruesome scenario. Stephen King believes that humans crave horror for the purpose of facing our fears, to reestablish our feelings of normality, and to have an unusual type of ‘fun’, and he’s right. To begin with, Stephen points out that humans crave horror to prove that they can overcome their fears. Reading any of Mr. King’s stories helps people prove that, due to the fact that they tend to be a little more on the horrific side. For example, his short story, “Strawberry Spring” revolves around a mysterious murderer who kills only when the “strawberry spring” comes around, which happens to be once every 8 years and brings a heavy fog along with it, which he uses to his advantage. This story also describes the horrific ways the victims died. For instance the story illustrates one of the brutalities the victim had to face such as, “Whoever killed her took her head with him.”. Reading such morbid descriptions really is “daring [our] nightmares” (1) because we imagine such scenarios, and so, King’s short story “Strawberry Spring” does prove his point that one of the reasons people want horror is to show “that we are not afraid” (King, “Why We Crave” 1). Furthermore, King accurately proves that humans like to feel normal by comparison in his short story, “Strawberry Spring”. Compared to the narrator and the events of his short story, we “reestablish our f... ... middle of paper ... reading “Strawberry Spring” we allow ourselves to feed the “hungry alligators” (3) that is our small need for horror to be able to suppress our emotions through the gruesome acts of Springheel Jack. Some may oppose the argument that Stephen King proposes and goes so far to prove, that we all crave horror because we “need” it. Most people would argue that not everyone enjoys the horror genre, such as people who are deeply afraid of horror films, books, etc., or people who simply don’t find the genre entertaining. However, our desire for horror doesn’t necessarily have to be expressed through movies or stories, it can be obtained by simply wanting to know how someone died, or watching crime documentaries on murderers and their motives. All in all, King accurately proves his three claims about our “craving” for horror, on whatever the person considers horror to be.
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