Stephen King, A Voice in the Dark

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Stephen King; A voice in the Dark

“People always ask me why I write such terrifying stories, and my reply always is; Why do you think I have a choice?”

Stephen King is one of the world’s bestselling authors (and was before J.K. Rowling published Harry Potter). he is most known for his Horror stories, like IT or ‘Salem’s Lot. But also for his Horror/Fantasy novels, Like The Dark Tower Series.

He writes about his fears, his problems, and things he’s overcome, and sometimes the odd.

Stephen King (full name is Stephen Edwin King) was born on September 21st, 1947 in the small town of Portland, Maine. His parents were Donald and Nellie King. When King was born, Nellie and Donald had been experiencing some rough times both in they’re marriage, and when King was 2, his father went to buy a pack of cigarettes. He never came back, leaving Stephen and his adopted older brother, David, in the care of their mother. They were almost constantly moving back and forth between Maine and Massachusetts.

In 1959, Stephen and his brother began to make a small newspaper called “Dave’s Rag.” Stephen articles and his views on upcoming TV shows. He had written some short stories in the past and decided to sell them, his first sale? Thirty cents. He published with a company called “Triad and Gaslight books”, actually just Stephen, David, and Chris Chesley. One of these publishes, the 3000 word “Star Invaders”, is now the Holy Grail for King’s readers, though there are no known copies, King probably has the only one. Later, in 1967, he would make his first professional sale to Startling Mystery Stories accepted the story, (another Holy Grail) The Glass Floor. Earlier in his life, around three or four says King himself in an interview with Jake Ta...

... middle of paper ... animate life of they’re own (the end reveals it could be a preemptive strike of an extra terrestrial invasion). The film was shot just out of Wilmington, at “The Dixie Boy” truck-stop. The set was so real that trucks actually stopped there to refuel and eat (until signs were put up saying that its not a real stop.) A fun fact is that King liked AC/DCs music so much, that he had them do the entire soundtrack for the movie.

So, in conclusion, although you may or may not like King, you do have to admit he does write good stories, he does have good premises, and he does do the best he can at what he does.

In my opinion King is my all time favorite writer, and it will be very sad to see him go when he does. But, thats not for a long time, and until then, he’ll keep writing, and we’ll keep getting amazing stories. King is truly the King of Terror. Long live the King.

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that people always ask why they write such terrifying stories, and their reply always is, why do you think i have a choice?
  • Explains that stephen king is one of the world's bestselling authors. he is best known for his horror stories, like it or ‘salem’s lot.
  • Analyzes how writes about his fears, his problems, and things he's overcome.
  • Explains that stephen king was born on september 21st, 1947 in portland, maine. his parents were donald and nellie king.
  • Describes how stephen and his brother began to make a newspaper called "dave's rag" and sold his short stories. the 3000 word "star invaders" is now the holy grail for king’s readers.
  • Narrates how king worked at various places before becoming a full-time writer, starting with the library at his college, the university of maine, where he met his future wife, tabitha spruce. after school, king went on the glamorous job at an industrial laundromat.
  • Narrates how king almost gave up on his debut novel, carrie, because it was about things he hadn't faced in his life. in 1971, a publishing company, doubleday, came along and published the book.
  • Analyzes how king takes his inspirations from everyday events, most of the time. the shining was inspired by a weekend stay at the stanley hotel in estes park.
  • Analyzes how king blends traditional horror, the bumps in the night, and physiological horror with his writing style.
  • Explains that king has written many books for a number of genres, but is most known for his fantasy/adventure/horror epic.
  • Narrates how the dark tower follows roland deschain (or roland of gilead) in the first book, the gunslinger, on his quest to find the dark tower.
  • Concludes that king's the dark tower is his best work and is working on a new book, the wind through the keyhole.
  • Narrates how king was struck by a van while taking his afternoon walk in 1999. he was rushed to the hospital with broken bones, internal bleeding, and partially collapsed lung. it took him three years to heal and beat the addictions of painkillers.
  • Explains that king was going to retire from writing altogether because of the pain he was feeling and couldn't keep his 2000-word-a-day quota. since then, king has published many, many books, including a revised edition of the gunslinger,
  • Analyzes how king's stories have been made into movies, such as the shawshank redemption, the mist, the green mile, children of the corn, and maximum overdrive.
  • Concludes that king writes good stories, has good premises, and does his best at what he does.
  • Opines that king is their all-time favorite writer, and it will be sad to see him go when he does.
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