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Stephen King was born in Maine in 1947. His father abandoned him when he was 2 years old. His mother and brother was all he ever knew. Him and his brother were raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana where his father lived at the time. He was also raised in Connecticut too. His mother decided to move them back to Maine for their own good. There he got a job at Kitchens of Pineland. A kitchen of Pineland was by a mentally challenged hospital. He went to a Durham grammar school then attended Libson High School. In 1966, He graduated. At University of Maine of Orana, he was a sophomore that wrote for The Maine Campus, the school’s newspaper. He became a member of the Student Senate in Student politician. He also attended an Anti-war movement. In 1970, he graduated. His examination was a 4-F on grounds of high blood pressure, limited vision, flat feet, and punctured eardrums. From his examinations, he got a diploma to be a full time teacher.
In 1971 of January, he married Tabitha Spruce. They met in the Fogler Library at University of Maine at Orono. They were both students at the university. Since he could not be a teacher automatically, him and his wife, Tabitha, worked at an industrial laundry. He started his short story writing with Men’s Magazine. He sold his stories really well through this. In 1967, He sold many books including ‘The Glass Floor’. He finally became an English teacher at Hampden High School. After his mother’s death, he and Tabitha decided to go to Colorado. After 4 years of staying in Colorado, they went back to Maine.
Tabitha and Stephen had 3 children. Naomi Rachel, Owen Phillip, and Joe Hill are his children. Since his children are all grown, he and Tabitha spend time in Florida. Stephen King is Scot-Irish and is s...

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... get his stories to fascinate readers. He is crazy but he is amazing at what he does. His love of cars and fantasy is what got me into reading his books. Stephen King bases his stories and movies on Edgar Allen Poes works. For example, Dolan’s Cadillac is a newer version of Cask of Amontillado but way worse. The newest novel he has written is Under the Dome. I love reading because of him. I hope he continues what he is doing now.

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