Stephen Hawking

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Bibliography: Stephen Hawking was born on January 8th, 1942. Scientist studying *mainly* the basic elements of how the universe works. Has written books such as On the Shoulders of Giants. Stephen Hawking is a phenomenal contributor to the furthering of education on the Universe. His ideas have revolutionized the way that we view the modern world. Mr. Hawking has many titles such as theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author. In his early years he studied at St. Albans School. After he finished school there he decided to go to Oxford College for his university years. Though he wanted to pursue math, it was unavailable at the University and his father would rather he pursued a medical career, however Mr. Hawking went on to take on physics. After only three years of study and not an intense amount of work, he was awarded a First Class Honors degree in Natural Science. Mr. Hawking later went on to Cambridge University to study cosmology because the program was not available at Oxford. Hawking was often regarded as a difficult and lazy student due to the amount of non-rigorous wo...

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