Stem Cells

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Of the many controversial issues in the United States, stem cell research stands among the top. People either think the destruction of human embryos is necessary to save the lives of others, or they think “the ends don’t justify the means”. Both sides have valid arguments, but when considering the future possibilities that can derive from embryonic stem cell research, the solution is clear. Stem cell research should definitely be practiced along with a strong emphasis on embryonic stem cell research. In order for any of this to happen, the United States government must fund the research. The funding of embryonic stem cells will allow for technologies to be improved to the point where eventually the destruction of embryos will no longer be required.
Stem cells are used as a very important form of medical treatment. They are unique in the fact that they are the only way to cure some diseases or injuries in humans. Ailments such as Leukemia, Heart Disease, Spinal Cord injuries, and many more are all possible to be cured through the means of stem cell treatments (“Why”). Spinal injury treatments in particular are very important because if stem cells are able to fix the paralyzed patients, it would be the first form of treatment possible for paraplegics (Chappell). Stem cells come in two main types: Embryonic and Adult. What some people may not know is that adult stem cells have no controversies whatsoever. All of the commotion surrounds embryonic stem cells. This is because in order to retrieve embryonic stem cells, the human embryo must be destroyed at around 3-5 days old (Pennock). The most obvious concern here is the ethics of killing a human embryo (Reynolds). It is completely up to personal perspective whether or not an embryo ...

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...t need enough money to find ways for the iPS cells to be safe and effective in humans. Embryonic stem cell research is very likely going to be unneeded soon. The government just needs to fund for the embryonic cells for the time it takes to make iPS cells completely practical. Even if this process takes longer than expected, it is important to keep the funding going so that hope isn’t lost on such a promising medical product.
Embryonic stem cells have a dark reputation that will never be lost. However, with the help of government funding and new technologies, hopefully the destruction of embryos will be a thing of the past. Instead, embryonic stem cells can be shown a new light, leading to the discovery of a stem cell that can be very effective and also completely moral. They can be looked at as the gateway to a form of medicine that will forever change the world.
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