Stem Cells

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One of the most serious problems around the world is incurable disease. Many people think that there are no such ways to deal with it. In fact, one of the solutions is stem cells technology. Stem cells are a remarkable type of cell, which can divide and develop into one of the three main types of cells found in the blood, which are red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets (Harousseau, 2013). Stem cells can be collected from a donor then a patient will receive high-dose chemotherapy whereas stem cells are filled into the patient's bloodstream (Harousseau, 2013). Even though it possibly can heal people from the diseases, very few people accept the stem cells technology because of its side effects. However, if there is any way that the patients can be cured then it is worth to try (Stem cell transplant, 2013). This essay argues that the stem cells technology should be used to heal people due to the treatment of three main diseases: Parkinson’s diseases, leukemia, and heart attack. In 1800, it was covered that cells are able to produce other cells. Later, in 1968, stem cells transplant was first performed successfully to treat two siblings with severe combined immunodeficiency (Murnaghan, 2013). During 1978-1997, scientists have found the ways of using stem cells. First, they discovered stem cells in human cord blood then they discovered many stem cells line in animals. Finally, in 2000, scientists discovered that operated adult mouse tissues could produce new cell types(Murnaghan, 2013). In addition, Stem cells are separated from other cells types by two characteristics. First, they are cells capable of renewing themselves through cell division. Second, under experimental conditions, they can be made to become tissue or org... ... middle of paper ... ...-marrow-stem-cells-offer-promising-diabetes-treatment-060313 Murnaghan, I. (2013, October 16). History of Stem Cell Research. Explorestemcells. Retrieved from Robson, L. (2012, March 16). Parkinson’s disease. Eurostemcell. Retrieved from Stem Cell Basics. (2002, April 28). Nih. Retrieved from Stem cell transplant for acute myeloid leukemia. (2013, September 20). Cancer. Retrieved from Pattison, S. (2011, December 16). Eurostemc Retrieved from http://www.eurossheet/type-1-diabetes-how-could-stem-cells-help

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