Stem Cells

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With the technology we have acquired today the world of medicine is advancing daily and all of these new discoveries are rejuvenating the medical industry therefore enhancing our healthcare system by providing us with new treatments to the ever increasing pool of diseases we human suffer from every day. Medical research teams are carrying out endless research to create new therapeutic strategies of regenerative medicine through stem cell therapy. By taking stem cells from sources in the human body, they can be cultivated and manipulated to suit the purpose you wish for. The magic of stem cells is doing wonders by tackling heart diseases and defects ranging from new born to adults, by self-healing. What are Stem cells? Stem cells are remarkable, potent cells found in humans, as well as animals. These cells are quite remarkable due to the fact that they can replicate themselves to repair or replace damaged cells. This includes growing of cells, tissues, or even organs to be repaired and replaced. These cells have exceptional potential to replicate thems...

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