Stem Cells

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Medicine has been one of the driving forces behind human development and technology. At times, there are certain groups who have ethical issues with certain medical advancements throughout history. For example, the mid-20th century was the beginning of the controversy of religion vs. medicine through birth control and the eventual Supreme Court ruling in favor of supporters of birth control in Roe v. Wade. Presently, there have been some of the greatest feats accomplished in medicine’s fight on cancer and body repairing through stem cells. Stem Cells have the ability to be manipulated incredibly, for example, when told to follow certain instructions, it can nearly become any cell in the body and perform various instructions. Unfortunately, certain groups have found issue with how these stem cells are obtained. Until recently, stem cells have been coming from embryos, obtaining the name embryonic stem cells. Doctors would retrieve the embryonic stem cells (ES cells) from either a fetus or the umbilical cord. The groups believe the medical researchers’ methods are unethical and harmful. Many have lobbied and have laws passed setting up restrictions during the Bush Jr.’s administration, and during Obama administration some restrictions were loosened. In response, many researchers found other ways to obtain stem cells without embryos. These new methods are being achieved by several researchers like James Thomson and recent noble laureates. The new methods are seen as a solution to the embryonic problem dissipating much of the controversy, and are obtaining stem cells called induced pluripotent cells (iPS cells), which are one of the newest advancements in modern medicine. Stem cells have proven to be the next great thing in the worl... ... middle of paper ... ...Induced Pluripotency." Nature Reports Stem Cells 1038 (2008): 118. . Crosta, Peter. "What Are Stem Cells?" Medical News Today. MediLexicon International, n. d. Web. 9 Dec. 2013. <>. McLaren, Anne. "Ethical and social considerations of stem cell research." Nature News 414.6859 (2001): 281-82. Web. 09 Dec. 2013. <>. Snoeck, Hans-Willem. “Efficient generation of lung and airway epithelial cells from human pluripotent stem cells.” Nature Biotechnology (2013): n. pag. Web. 09 Dec. 2013. <>. Weber, Belinda. "Converting stem cells into lung cells." Medical News Today. MediLexicon, Intl., 3 Dec. 2013. Web. 10 Dec. 2013. .

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