Stem Cell Research Paper

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Stem Cell Research Paper

Over the past years, stem cell research has been very famous through the scientific community and the media. Stem cells are pluripotent cells that are present in every single organism on Earth. The power of stem cells are beyond imagination. Stem cells have the power to turn into any type of cells. Some examples are, blood cells, nerves, cardiac muscles, and the list goes on and on. The scientific community has recently taken a large interest in stem cells. They have used stem cells to treat horrible misfortunes that people have been diagnosed with. Some examples of the diseases that are being treated by the use of stem cells are, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, spinal cord issues, strokes, diabetes, damaged organs, and even cancer! However, despite the infinite potential for medical treatments, the topic of stem cells is surrounded by enormous amounts of controversy. The questions that feed the controversy are about how the stem cells are acquired and about how the gained knowledge would be used. However, it is necessary for mankind to keep stem cell research alive in order to save lives while taking care of any unethical topics about it.

There are three ways to acquire a sample of stem cells. The first method is very controversial, which is the extraction of an embryonic cell. This embryonic cell can be extracted from aborted fetuses, with the permission of the woman having the abortion. Most people find it unethical to use the fetuses. However, if you do not use it, it just goes to waste. Why not let the fetus help save someone’s life? The second method to extract stem cells are through umbilical cords. The umbilical cord is rich with stem cells. Blood cells from the newborn baby can be used the moment it...

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... other races. Other people fear that stem cells are too dangerous to play with, thinking that it might cause a new retrovirus or cancer. Some people even believe that we should stop playing “God” and that we should let human nature run its course. However the only way to stop these fears is with more research and study on this subject. Keep in mind that the topic of stem cells is only a few years old.

The potential possibilities and possible lives saved can outweigh the current problems of the topic such as funding or ethics. With new methods of extraction such as extraction through umbilical cords and adult stem cells we can almost forget about the “unethical” fetus method. This field of study can also strengthen the economy by creating new jobs. To sum it all up, stem cell research is a new study with a great potential, however it is in need of a few tweaks.