Stem Cell Research Essay

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Stem cell research is a very hot topic in society today for many reasons but the benefit outweigh the risks without a doubt. If stem cell research were a regular practice in the medical field, many lives could be saved and quality of life would be improved. Stem cells are basically undifferentiated cells that can transform into whatever type of tissue is surrounding it. These stem cells have the ability to heal all types of damaged human tissue and would save countless lives. However there is a drawback: only one type of stem cell has the ability to regenerate into any tissue and that is the embryonic stem cell. Embryonic stem cells are just that- stem cells that come from embryos of unborn fetuses. Naturally there has risen a huge debate about this topic. On the one hand, scientists have the ability to fix life, cure diseases, and heal the unhealable. While on the other hand, they must “take life” in order to do so. Because stem cells are undifferentiated cells, they do not have a function yet. Even without function, all of the genes within the stem cell have the ability ...

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