Stem Cell Research

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Stem Cell Research

Imagine a world where every day scientists create human beings, cultivate them for a week, and then destroy them. This scenario sounds vaguely familiar to the creation of Frankenstein in Mary Shelley’s book Frankenstein. The difference between the creation of Frankenstein and the creation of human beings is that the latter has already become true as scientist are creating and destroying embryos. Scientist today even in the United States are creating human embryos and then destroying them when performing stem cell research, but the government does not fund these scientists.

Now think of a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or paralysis. Would you deny them a life without suffering if the cure for the disease could be obtained by performing research on an aborted fetus already destined for destruction? It is my belief that scientists should be able to do stem cell research within carefully defined moral parameters because this research is so promising to cure so many diseases and teach us so much about how our bodies work. However, embryos destined for destruction should be used for stem cell research rather than created embryos because there are several thousands of embryos that will be destroyed so it is not necessary to create more embryos and destroy them.

Stem cell research remains highly promising in that “Animal research suggests stem cells may some day provide a way to repair or replace diseased tissues and organs” and it holds immense possibilities for cures of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, paralysis, Parkinson’s disease, and diabetes (The Lancet par. 1). These are diseases for which scientists have been searching for cures unsuccessfully for several decades. Adults who were pa...

... middle of paper ... that the government should fund tightly regulated stem cell research. It is completely unnecessary for scientists to create embryos to merely destroy; however, I fail to see the problem in using embryos destine for destruction for a greater good. These embryos have already be robbed of their life, so by being used for research they provide others with the blessing of a wonderful and healthy life. By federally funding research done on embryos, the society will not be continuing in the way of the complete degradation of society. The American people will benefit through the improvement of their health and the vast knowledge that they will acquire about their bodies and the way they work.

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