Stella Archer Chapter 5: Asguard?

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It was after my 8th birthday when my parents woke me up in the middle of the night in panic. Something about people wanting to kill me for my gift, my parents were petrified and we fled our home right then and there. I remember us getting in our car and driving for a long time. Till we stopped in the middle of nowhere, my parents told me to stay in the car while they checked on something. My mom called me out of the car and walked me to a device that looked like a box of some sort. ‘This is a portal splitter’ my Dad said. ‘Where are we going?’ my voice trembled ‘Far away Stell, where you can practice your magic, and be safe’ my mom said. I was scared, I didn’t know what would happen when my dad switched on this device but as long as I had my parents what could happen right? I picked up my backpack and strapped it snug to my body. My Mom linked her arms with my dad’s I took my mom’s other hand, while my Dad calibrated the switches and set the device down. ‘Ready?’ my dad shook his head to my mom and me ‘r-ready’ I chocked out. I grabbed both of their hands as mine shook in thei...

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