Stealing the American Dream

I as a hispanic I feel that I have been labeled as a person that is here to steal the american dream from those who “deserve” it. I feel that first generation american are still labeled and characterized not only by the color of our skin but by the limitations we have to overcome. What I mean is that because of the fact that our parents are uneducated and illegal they are not able to get good jobs. These types of families are forced to live in bad neighborhoods with schools with little resource. When these families immigrate to the USA they bring with them their children and because of the way they enter the country they are forced to not seek citizenship. These families are what make up the “minority” as well as the working lower class. Parents are forced to take jobs in which they are not paid or treated well. Immigrants are labeled as criminals and are forever treated badly for trealy to better the life of their love ones. lien who should not come to america because we are taking away the jobs and spaces in college for those who were born here.

Another thing that made me re...
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