Statue Of Liberty Essay

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A cultural space can be defined in many ways. Everyone defines a cultural space differently. For some it could be a local park and for others it can be the internet. Even if people have never seen it in person, the power it holds brings so much influence. The Statue of Liberty in New York City is not only just an attraction for tourists but a significant space in the United States. The Statue of Liberty is the most socially and culturally valuable types of cultural space. Culture and history is embedded in this landmark, giving it a lot of meaning. Over time the Statue of Liberty changed its meaning. It provides educational value to those who visit, a variety of activities, and it has been influential not just in the United States, but to the…show more content…
Édouard de Laboulaye, Father of the Statue of Liberty, hoped that by calling attention to the recent achievements of the United States, the French people would be inspired to create their own democracy in the face of a repressive monarchy. In 1865, France was divided among people who were still committed to the monarchy and the people who supported the Enlightenment ideals. It was the hope of many French liberals that democracy would prevail and that freedom and justice for all would be attained. To individuals in the United States, Lady Liberty symbolizes some basic tenets of what the country is supposed to stand for and reasons why the Statue of Liberty is important to America. With today’s politics, people are easily misguided about the ideas and believes the United States represents. This statue represents the freedom and the idea of having the American Dream. Those from different countries also see the United States as the home of the brave and the land of opportunity. When I visited Peru, people automatically assumed that I was rich because I was from the United States. The Statue of Liberty remained a very powerful symbol, embodying a wide range of meanings and adapted every day to represent new
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