Statment of Purpose for a Masters in Organic Chemistry

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As we transverse through the realms of imagination and connect with the world of reality, we build our own paradigms which construct our future and stand the test of time. It is one such paradigm that helps me set up my aplomb for inculcating the decision to make a pursuit of chemistry. Chemistry appeals to my practical and analytical nature, the part of me that starts by asking "How?" and "why" and doesn't give up until I have the believe that I can debunking this myth. All aspects of chemistry and the every changing needs of society particularly in the environmental field and medicinal chemistry fascinate me. In particular, I enjoy experimenting and the challenge of understanding chemistry and its surrounding issues. Chemistry is, in my opinion, the most conspicuous of the sciences today. As a science of matter and its properties, Chemistry can be applied to almost any situation from medicine to environmental sustainability. It is this ubiquitous practical side of chemistry that has aggrandizes its appeal to get immersed into it with zeal and enthusiasm. I have been an avid learner of science since my childhood. I used to wonder at the astronomical number of compounds around us and different properties of different molecules, reactions, activation energy, bond strength, structures etc and numerous other riddles that chemistry envelops. This indomitable thirst to know about chemistry leads me to choose chemistry as a major subject in B.Sc (Hons.) and opt for organic chemistry as my graduate major. I believe that the MS program in chemistry at University of Regina fits my academic needs and professional goals. I have gone through the web pages and publications originating from the department of chemistry at University of Regina... ... middle of paper ... ...ope that hard-earned knowledge on the above mentioned topics as well as my craving to discover more will be an asset in the area research, I intend to pursue. In addition, I have worked as a mentor for 1st year students under the guidance of Dr. Mahbub Matin and during MS worked as a Teachers assistant in Dr. Mahabub Matin's lab. These all imbued me with so much pleasure and made me a zealous team member as well. Involvement in my desired research area can boost me up to aspire after the realms of mysterious nature of study. The ambience that University of Regina is privileged to be adorned with along with it trailblazers in the faculty can certainly ignite the impetus I already have with me. With just a little guidance. I hope I can reach where I have yearned to see myself all through my life. The goal is set, only what is required is your sought after guidance.

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