Statler's Legacy In The Hospitality Industry

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Statler’s Legacy Ellsworth Milton Statler sparked a revolution in the hospitality industry. From the time he was a small boy he always had the dream of working in hotels and eventually creating his own hotel. That journey from a small boy to the famous individual he became was not easy; however through his perseverance, commitment, and dedication to his own dreams he created a legacy through his accomplishments that still have an impact in the hospitality industry today. The day Statler turned thirteen was the day he started creating his legacy. He went to the McLure, a hotel, in search of a job, and through several days of perseverance he was employed as a bellboy. A bellboy is the equivalent of a modern day room service employee. As time went on he became the best bellboy the McLure had ever seen and was promoted to head bellboy at the age of fifteen.…show more content…
He carried a small notebook where he would write down areas of self-improvement and eventually ideas on how to improve the hotel and hotel management. One of those entries came one day when there was a dispute at the front desk between a patron and a clerk. The clerk had to settle the dispute and determined that the customer was wrong. Statler then wrote down in his notebook that “the customer is always right.” That little sentence helped him create his empire by making sure that guests are always satisfied and maintaining good customer service.
His improvements didn’t stop there, however. He took charge of the book keeping and suggested better rates for the rooms to increase profitability. Then he suggested improving the hotels food for the guests and creating a managers table where guests of importance could dine with the hotels managers and improve the relationship with the customers to make them feel more at home. He was determined to make the guests feel

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