Statistics: Statistics And Statistics

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Statistics contains the development of procedures and tests that are used to describe the variability characteristic in data, the odds of certain outcomes, and the fault and doubt related with those outcomes. Some statistics are influenced, some are based on beliefs, and some are false.

A frequent misunderstanding is that statistics gives a degree of proof that something is accurate. As an alternative, statistics provide a measure of the probability of observing a certain outcome. It is easy to mistreat statistics analysis even to the point of error because statistics do not familiarize us with organized or systematic error which can be carried into the data deliberately or unintentionally. There are many related variables in statistical numbers that the individual analyzing the information does not perceive, and without additional clarification or supportive data, one can simply assume to the wrong hypothesis and the scientific data could be exhibited as facts rather than chance. If the origin from which the data was collected was not accurate, then this will reflect a statistic that is false, partial, and based on incorrect information, but those individuals who may perhaps later understand that the data source was not accurate, and as a result incorrect data is publicized. Because statistics deals with facts and figures it often seems to be more conclusive and less doubtful of wrong claim than factual arguments, but facts can be easily swayed in favor of someone’s views.

In the last political election in the U.S, there have been many errors statistical data in the ballots heading up to Election Day that give a false image of the American community. From statistical stand point, one would assume that only underprivileged min...

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...size, or how the selection took place. This is an assertion that uses detached statistics.

In closing, there is no basis to decide the accuracy of a given statistical distribution. Even if rational and logical proof was given, it will always be provided by the system whom advertised the propaganda first. Statistics can only be supported if it is taken on a small scale, since the bigger the scale the more perplexing it becomes and the more people discard it due to its complexity, or fall for it as a pray and accomplish the aims the publisher put when he/she was publishing it. Statistics that are deceptive or misinterpreted can have undesirable influence on individuals using the data, because being equipped with the wrong information can sway people to form unfair opinions and make wrong choices which can be rather costly in their lives or can create major setbacks.
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