Statistical Learning In The Learning Process

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Infants have an incredible mind because they have the ability to learn and master a language in a relatively quick matter of time. The elasticity of babies and children’s brains is remarkable. It has been quite astonishing to watch my eleven month old niece grow and learn as she studies the things that my family and I say and do. She understands a range of words and sentences, even though she is not able to actually articulate them yet. Soon she will be going from a blabbering mumbo jumbo speaking baby to being able to enunciate clear, complex words and sentences in only a matter of years. Neuroscientists are now able to paint a picture of the transitional period of what happens in a baby’s brain during this learning process. When a baby…show more content…
Adults have the ability to differentiate where one word ends and the next begins, but the process of separating words from the flow of speech necessitates intricate mental processing. When someone is speaking, the words arrive to the ear as an uninterrupted flow of sound that doesn’t separate the words spoken. An infant uses statistical learning to understand the sounds of whole words. Studies show that eight month old infants discover word- like components supported by the probability that one syllable will follow another. Scientists conducted an experiment in which babies listened to a series of computer synthesized gibberish words made up of syllables, some of which arose together more often than other syllables. The infants were able to focus on syllables that correspond with the nonsense language and they identified probable words. This breakthrough study demonstrated infants’ statistical learning capabilities presented a theory of language beyond the general idea that a child learns only because of parental habituation and the assertion of whether a word is correct or incorrect. Babies are learning far before parents recognize that it is even occurring. Additional studies shaped a crucial discovery that provided an imperative sign that the statistical learning process does not solely entail submissive listening. The infant brain does not reveal to be a passive process for
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