Statistical Anylisis of HIV

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Statistical Anylisis of HIV The purpose of this study is to ascertain the affects of drug-abusing fathers on the drug usage of their young adolescent children. A special targeted population were chosen for this study; they are the children of drug-abusing fathers who are HIV-positive or at risk for becoming HIV-positive. The major factors used to determine the dependent measure of adolescent marijuana use include certain drug abusing father attributes (i.e., illegal drug use, HIV status, and methods of coping), and adolescent personality which is directly affected by the father-adolescent relationship and environmental factors (see pathway to adolescent marijuana use). The focus of this paper will be on the influences of parent-child relationship, father’s marijuana usage and HIV status of the father on the adolescent’s marijuana use. These chosen domains (i.e., set of related variables) are a part of the study needed to determine the pattern of relationship between father drug use and adolescent drug use. This research is an extension of an earlier study of the psychosocial factors related to the AIDS-risk behaviors and methods of coping among male injection drug users [e.g., 1]. By focusing on the parental approach, it is hope that this information will allow a father to be a more effective parent and assist him in raising his children in a way that they wouldn’t need to turn to drugs to cope with life’s difficulties (i.e., having a drug abusing father that is at risk of becoming HIV positive). Methods Participants: Participants were male volunteers recruited from AIDS clinics and methadone maintenance treatment clinics, with a history of drug abuse (i.e., must have engaged in either injection drug use or another form of ... ... middle of paper ... ...ldren were less likely to have kids that use drugs. The risk/protective interactive analyses show that white male children are more at risk of marijuana use than white females or black children provided that no parenting variable buffers the negative effect. This study stresses the importance of parenting style and parental drug abuse affecting the child’s marijuana usage. Programs should be established to assist the fathers as well as the mothers in their parenting roles to reduce the and possibly prevent marijuana usage for these children. This is a cross-sectional study where both the father and his child are interviewed at the same time. A longitudinal study is being conducted at this time to see how the adolescent marijuana use would be different over time. We wouldn’t have access to this information until it is complete. A larger sample will also be provided.

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