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A stationary bike workout is a great way to get in shape and even lose weight. But how many times have you determined to "get in shape" or "lose weight" and nothing much happened? Too many times to remember? Me too. A stationary bike is a great tool for shaping up and losing weight, but you need a plan and here are some tips to finally make progress. Tip 1 - Decide what you want. Please take some time and think about what your goals are for an exercise program. Are you trying to lose weight? How much? Are you trying to prepare for a sport? How many miles do you need to ride to get in that kind of shape? Set some concrete goals that you can track to monitor your progress. Tip 2 - Write down your goals. Few people will make the effort to write down goals. Only about 3 percent of adults have clear written goals. These people accomplish several times as much as other people. There's something strange about written goals. They get accomplished. So get to it. …show more content…

A goal without a deadline is more a wish than a goal. Put a time on your goal and drive to get it done. Tip 4 - Get started today. The great thing about an stationary bike workout is you can start today no matter what kind of shape you're in and no matter what time it is or how cold or hot it is outside. Rain or shine, dark or light, the time to start is right now. Tip 5 - 20 minutes per day is a great start. No need to spend hours a day to make fast progress. Twenty minutes a day is a great exercise bike workout. You can just start pedaling away at a comfortable pace or you can do intervals by varying your pace for fast

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  • Opines that a stationary bike workout is great for getting in shape and losing weight, but you need to plan to make progress.
  • Recommends setting some concrete goals that you can track to monitor your progress.
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