Statement of interest

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“A given step, however small it may appear to one, may represent a great deal to another. Every hurdle one surpasses makes one grow” (Julie Payette). I first came across this statement before my first solo flight. Flying solo was a milestone for me, and this statement helped me focalize that fact. I have since come to realize that the same held true for every situation one might face. My earliest interest in aviation and aerospace ignited after seeing an airplane fly over my house. I wanted to know how the aircraft flew, so I took my toy aeroplane and broke it down trying to figure out how it worked. This was my first experiment. This step was a great deal in my pursuit of engineering. I am currently researching on the development of control systems for my undergraduate thesis and the skills such as patience and inquisitiveness, which I used when I was younger, still apply. Having majored in the Aerospace Engineering as an undergraduate, I would like to concentrate on aeroservoelasticity. I am especially interested in their effects on morphing wings and other smart structure...
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