Statement of Purpose for My Masters' in Computer Science

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My interest in one of the most celebrated majors in college, Computer Science, traces back to the time when computers emerged as a revolutionary tool. I have always had a fascination towards them. I have come to realize that they form the integral part in the face of quotidian reality. This empowered me with an inquisitive look and helped me probe into the technology which, now, faces constant development. Mankind has advanced its realms to such an unimaginable level that one can say it has intensified the laziness in him. This creativity is the prime purpose for my fascination towards the course.

I learnt the basics of programming during my school days. My mentor gave us stipulated time and guidance to work out the logic of the programs independently. This resulted in deep etching of the effort taken then and has given me a solid foundation of the concepts learnt. Since I felt committed to the field, I elected it as my undergraduate course. I secured a seat in one of Anna University colleges through merit. I chose Computer Science and Engineering as my specialization and obtained 86%. We had equal emphasis on theory and practical sessions. However, our course work focused mainly on the long-established syllabus and newer renovation in technology that happens every year was overlooked upon. The urge to explore the subjects in greater aspect has goaded me to pursue graduation. An extensive study will prove beneficial to me.

My final year project, Re-ranking images using Multiscale Visual Saliency Mode, is based on two techniques – Visual Saliency and Relevancy. From users’ point of view, salient images are rather selected in an image search than the cluttered ones in low-level vision. They are grouped based on color, texture, edg...

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...n. Though all the courses seem engrossing, I have a profound interest in Database Management Systems and Networking. As I am familiar with these topics through my projects I was involved in, I would like to take up the same in my research. Social networking is the zenith of World Wide Web. With the complex virtual connections of networking and the importance of database being the heart of all data centric applications, Computer Engineering can never be more appealing.

I have learnt a lot about your university through your website. I believe that everybody is motivated and educated in the right way to serve the needs. It would be my pleasure to work in such an innovative team. The university also has great faculty, great infrastructure and delivers top-notch education. I would be immensely honored to get admission in your university, with possible financial aid.
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