Statement of Purpose: My Interests in Math, Physics, Statistics and Computer Science

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For years, I was surrounded by people who would react astonishingly when I told them my academic profession. In high school it was physics, in Fudan University it was computer science, and I’m beginning statistics - all fields that aren’t as common for girls. “Wow…” they’d say, as they scanned me from face to toes.

It would be unreasonable if I claim that I had never questioned my choice, especially during the adaptation period into computer science as a rookie. I can still recall the desperation I felt in my first program designing class. I could not correctly run the simplest problems, like the existing program on my textbook. Computer science was a favorable choice for my undergraduate study with the logical thinking it represents, the close tie it has with math, and most importantly its applicability to various fields. Meanwhile, its requirement of a switch on thinking pattern and totally fresh body of knowledge was a challenge. If anyone told me at that time that I would one day label information technology as a powerful tool, and thus find the interaction of computer science and statistics intriguing, I would at most shrug and sneer.

Accordingly, I received admiration from family and friends from this struggling process of adaptation. Day by day, I wrote programs, dealt with errors, rewrote programs, over and over again. The process was dull and offered no glorious anecdotes. It was the time I spent working on the most fundamental problems and the piles of books borrowed from the library that constituted the foundation of my future progress. During the debugging and reviewing, I gradually adjusted to the logic of machine, which enables me to handle different programming languages with more haste.

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...kills will well make up for my lack of system study in fundamental statistics, and further bring an emphasis on the actual application of statistics. It does not, however, indicate that I have underestimated the difficulty I am to face in finding my place in the new field. On the contrary, I fully recognize it. I have already had the experience of entering a totally strange world when starting to study computer science. I am now searching for an opportunity to prove that with my former training of computer science during the last three years in one of the best advanced educational institutions in China, my well-built systematic mathematical knowledge, and superb ability of communication and adaptation, my entrance into your program will not only be a giant leap for myself, but also the catalyst toward collision of different thinking patterns in the whole program.
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