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Statement of Purpose It all began the day I was born in an Indian family, as the Indian culture perceive doctors or engineers as more successful professionals. Having a medical background, as my uncle is a nephrologist and my sister is a dentist, my magnetism towards the health profession was obvious. During the days off from school, accompanying my sister to her dental office was a routine. I was always amused to see the wide array of skills and knowledge, she imparted when she treated her patients. Impressed with her critical thinking, professionalism and analytical skills I always wanted to follow her footsteps. Her calmness and composure as she treated the extreme cases have had always motivated me. My family background, and yearn to do something that included the blend of hands and a great deal of knowledge piqued my interest towards dentistry. After finishing my high school and accelerating in the medical entrance exams, I secured a position in my state’s leading academic and research dental institute. Academically I excelled throughout the program and maintained an excellent GPA. I have had the honors of being the university topper in the subjects of Pre-Orthodontics and Conservative Dentistry. During the four years of study, I developed a strong understanding of the various aspects of dentistry. To aggrandize my professional skills I actively participated in multitudinous paper presentations, conferences and seminars. Excellent education and the grinding schedule of internship gave me great confidence in my talents, with which I started shadowing Dr.H.S.Wazir, a Prosthodontist. Soon I was assisting him with the complex procedures as implants and fixed partial dentures. After the consummation of my graduation, I joined ... ... middle of paper ... ...sight into day-to-day dental management, and dentist-patient interactions. I also learned the ins and outs of dental insurance, record keeping, and patient scheduling. This experience helped me to improve my communication skills and develop my ability to build good working relationships with colleagues and patients. The profound experience at this dental office piqued my desire to become a dentist in the United States. Attending a dental school in the United States is the greatest reward for my motivation and perseverance for success. I strongly believe that my professional goals, the range and the depth of my experience and knowledge is an asset and my enthusiasm for dental field makes me an ideal candidate for the Advanced Standing DDS Program for the foreign educated graduates at your esteemed dental school. Thank you for the consideration of my application.

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