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My earliest childhood memory and arguably my fondest, was when I was 4 years old and my father had just bought me a Lego set. I did not quite grasp the concept of what exactly I was to do, but I remember feeling an enthralling thrill every time one piece would perfectly fit on the other. As I grew up, I would often accompany my grandfather to work at the Indian Railway. The mere idea of being able to manage hundreds of railways through an integrated network where there was no possible room for error startled me. Perhaps the main reason I attribute for inculcating an interest in this specific profession, has to do with the nature of my country. Growing up in India, one is always exposed to hours of endless traffic and not to forget the escalating population. The cities keep growing but the roads remain the same. As a result, there is heavy traffic congestion, inadequate parking facilities, and no room for pedestrian movements. My main intention is to develop the roads in India and contribute to the transport system.
It was a combination of these moments that an unquenchable desire to know more about the Planning field and contribute all that I could began. Since then, my dreams and goals have been fixed. My path of pursuit began when I decided to opt for Bachelors in Planning. And fortunately I've got into School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal (SPAB).


My foundation for the future had been strongly laid by the education I received from School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal (SPAB). I have been involved in many projects and assignments that have further expanded my horizon of knowledge.
I have been part of an esteemed international project in Bhutan “Urban Development Plan of Samdrup Jongkhar a...

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...ended many seminars to give me a better understanding of my study; some of which include: "Professional practice as a planner" and "Importance of Pedestrians in Transportation planning".

Future Plans:

I think a Planner should have knowledge about the Planning policies and guidelines of different parts of the world. In my bachelors, we were taken to different parts of India as well as Bhutan. I gained immense knowledge about planning guidelines and policy making in these trips. I now think that I should pursue my masters outside India to improve my knowledge about planning in different countries. To add to it, my interest in Urban and Transport Planning and the way we can interlink them to make a city’s ambience picture-perfect, forces me to opt for a course which has Urban Planning, and later I can specialize in Transport Planning.

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