Statement of Purpose

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Completing 4 years of undergraduate studies in mechanical engineering and 30 months of work experience in semiconductor equipment manufacturing sector have given me a lot to learn. I have experienced that role of a mechanical engineer demands much more in depth knowledge of the field. Having worked with great minds in mechanical engineering, I have felt great urge towards pursuing my graduate study so that I can discuss the ideas with same level of knowledge. In every student’s life, graduate study is the crucial point and I want to make sure that I learn as much as possible by pursuing my graduate study. With this intention, I am writing down my statement of purpose.

From my high school days, I was fond of two things, Mathematics and fighter planes. I was always busy in collecting information about fighter planes. I used to read a lot about planes like F-16, Dassault mirage, Sukhoi, etc. Every day, I used to learn about various technical terms used for fighter planes. The habit of learning something new always acted as a catalyst in all my academic achievements. To note some of those achievements, I scored 94 % and 92% marks in mathematics in my 10th and 12th standard. I also achieved a national rank of 214 in the mathematics section in National Level Science Talent Search Examination. As, in my 11th and 12th standard, my 6th subject was engineering drawing; I had the opportunity to study engineering before even my college started. Consequently, pursuing mechanical engineering was the only goal/choice in my mind, at that time, because of my love towards maths and fighter planes. Working towards the goal, I secured a national rank of 6778 in joint entrance examination and was placed in top 1% student of the country. However, I ...

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...uality and conviviality; to learn for collective good and expand my horizons of knowledge. After ten years I see myself engaged in a career of research and development in engineering. My dream is to apply my gained advanced knowledge in benefit and service of humanity. This leads me to believe that sharing my knowledge that I gain through my masters would be a very rewarding experience.
I believe that the mechanical engineering department's facilities and goals of North Carolina state university Mechanical Engineering graduate program are perfect for me. I look forward to being fully involved in the department. Your consideration of candidates from other engineering fields is a blessing to many students like me. I am determined to pursue my academic and professional ambitions with complete faith and dedication. I am thankful for your consideration of my candidature.
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