Statement of Purpose

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Statement of Purpose
By virtue of the constant and incessant research and development being carried out in the field of computers, this technology, having pervaded every domain known to man, is effectuating tremendous progress and advancement even as I frame this statement. My undergraduate study in the field, certainly served to provide me with a keen appreciation for its remarkable reach and while each subfield that I explored provided me with a different perspective and furthered my fascination with this realm of science, it was the curriculum courses in Database Management Systems, Data Structures and Algorithm, and Information Technology for Management of Enterprise that most excited me.

Delving deeper into these subjects, I came across concepts like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Resource and People Management Applications, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Project Management. And the more I researched and read, the clearer it became to me the significant role information systems have come to play in the world of business management and I was certain this was where I wanted to employ my technical background and skills and build a career as a Manager of Information.

Having taken up the Bachelors of Engineering program at Mumbai University’s Thakur College of Engineering and Technology, and majored in Information Technology, I was able to build on an interest and satisfy a curiosity, I have shared for this technology since I was a young boy. Through this 4-year undergraduate program, I was introduced to courses like Information Technology for Management of Enterprise, Database Technologies and Database Management System that helped me gather a sound technical foundation in the fundamentals of both hardware ...

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...iligence, goal-oriented approach to working, sound academic foundation, and propensity for the field, will not only enable me to cope with the challenges and demands of your graduate program but also contribute to the advancement of your research interests. Having successfully completed my B.E. degree with consistently high grades, my main objective for the immediate future is to pursue my further studies with the same level of commitment and dedication. I then hope to leverage the expertise I have garnered to take on professional opportunities in the industry that will allow me to oversee the development, design, implementation and support of innovative IT solutions in the field of enterprise management, and grow my career. The MS program in MIS is undoubtedly crucial to my future success and I humbly request the chance to be a part of action at ____ University.
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