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Electronics has always been an orphic subject for me. Electronics applications and technology was always an unanswered question for me. As I grew older the questions were answered but at the same time many new questions with more complexity started haunting me. This search for the answers aroused a passion towards Electronics and started exploring the developments and applications in electronics but that did not quench my thirst for knowledge. Then I understood only a graduate education can offer me a great deal of intellectual and personal satisfaction and challenge. This is the main reason to plan my masters in electronics and communication. Right from my schooling I was fascinated by the subjects like Mathematics and Sciences. My interest paved me to score 91.8% in the end examination conducted by state board. This interest in mathematics and sciences always made my engineering education a fascinatingly passionable target. To define my destiny I took my first footing by choosing mathematics, physics and chemistry as my core subjects in 12th standard. At this stage my concentration coupled with hard work propelled me to score 91.6% in the 12th Standard. By good worth of my performance at Engineering Entrance Examinations, I gained admission into Electronics and Communication Engineering at Ramachandra College of Engineering, affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU). My passion for novelty grew deeper when I took Electronics and Communications Engineering in my under graduation which holds the subjects like Electronic Devices & Circuits, Probability theory and Stochastic processes, Signals & Systems, Electronic Circuit Analysis, Pulse & Digital Circuits, Switching theory & Logic design, EM waves a... ... middle of paper ... ...ssors, this is the main reason behind seeking admission in your esteemed institution. In conclusion, I strongly believe that under the guidance of your exceedingly knowledgeable research oriented faculty, I would mould my career decisively for the better. I am conscious that your university expects very high standards from its students, I am very confident that with my sincerity and dedication, I will be able to live up to the prospect of your faculty. Admission at your university could well be that golden foundation upon which the entire edifice of my career rests. I request you kindly to consider me for any form of financial assistance as it would be of great help for me. I thank you for giving me this opportunity to express about myself. Yours sincerely,

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