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I have always admired people in my life who truly love their professions, because they find a way to wed their life passions with a successful career and their fervor is truly infectious. I too want that same feeling of fulfillment in my professional life, and thus my journey into finding this began with curiousity in public health that through the years has flourished as a result of my experiences. I have come to unearth a desire to obtain a graduate degree in epidemiology and have discovered a career path that will give me that sense of excitement and passion I have so admired in others.
As a multi-cultural individual, my parents instilled in me the importance of contributing to and aiding in change in Haiti and Sudan in any way possible, and my interests have always been in health. One thing that always stuck out in my mind was the failing healthcare systems occurring in both countries. After reading a great deal about the inadequacy of healthcare in both Haiti and Sudan, I was astonished to find out the Haiti has the highest maternal mortality rate in the Western hemisphere. I began researching student volunteer opportunities in developing countries when my father started a non-profit organization in his native Sudan. In conversing with him about his goals, I felt drawn to explore volunteer opportunities in developing countries. I credit my father with encouraging and cultivating this interest, for his passion of giving back to his country truly resonated with me. After spending time working with him, I was itching to get my feet wet with volunteer opportunities abroad.
My first endeavors into the field of public health began without in fact knowing anything on the topic of public health. I joined Global Medical Training, a c...

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...or research collaborations with some of the top hospitals in the region. I know that my time in your graduate epidemiology program will allow me to make impactful contributions to the field of public health.
Through my collective academic, personal, professional, and public health research experiences, I am confident in my desire to pursue a graduate degree in epidemiology. My ideal graduate epidemiology program has a strong methodological and research emphasis with extensive global health collaborations and research. I feel that your program with allow me to develop the analytical and research skills necessary to achieve my career goals and much more. I am excited by the possibility of engaging in cutting edge maternal and child health and infectious disease research whose results could positively affect health outcomes as well as health policy around the world.

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