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Statement of Purpose Sepehr Assadi I am applying to the California Institute of Technology for admission to PhD program in computer science. My chief area of interest is theoretical computer science including approximation and randomized algorithms and algorithmic game theory. I plan to continue my research, and further deepen my knowledge in these areas during my graduate career. Being born in an academic family has made my life intertwined with the academic world. This background together with the research experiences I gathered during my undergraduate studies motivates me to continue my studies through PhD in computer science and pursue a position in academia afterwards. From early days of my high school, programming was a great hobby for me. In addition, I have always been fascinated by mathematics. These two interests motivated me to study Computer Engineering at Sharif University of Technology, Iran’s top technical institute. There, studying theoretical courses introduced me to the theoretical computer science as the perfect blend of mathematics and computer science that I enjoy the most. Additionally, taking Linear Algebra and Advanced Topics in Theory of Computability, Complexity and Logic1 as extra courses improved my knowledge in the areas absent from my regular curriculum. These activities strengthened my knowledge in theoretical computer science and as a result, I was awarded the Golden Medal in the 17th Nationwide Scientific Olympiad for University Students in Computer Engineering in Spring 2012, which is annually held between the top ranking undergraduate students. Since sophomore, I have been deeply involved in theoretical concepts, mainly by attending related research groups. The first research group I participate... ... middle of paper ... ...D student. I believe that California Institute of Technology can be an ideal choice for me due to the close parallels between my interests and those of several faculty members. In particular, I found that the works done by Prof. Katrina Ligett on algorithmic game theory perfectly matches my interests. To be precise, her work on network design in the paper On the Price of Stability for Undirected Network Design is a kind of work that I am familiar with and enjoy the most3. The works of Prof. Adam Wierman on Algorithmic Game Theory are also very compelling for me. Thanks ever so much for your attention. 2Algorithmic Game Theory by Nisan, Roughgarden, Tardos, V. Vazirani 3Moreover, I may further refer to her papers: Routing Without Regret: On Convergence to Nash Equilibria of Regret-Minimizing Algorithms in Routing Games and Playing Games with Approximation Algorithms 2
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