Statement of Philosophy and Educational Goals

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Statement of Philosophy and Educational Goals In the following report, I will be discussing my personal philosophy on education and my educational goals. My philosophy will include some of my personal opinions on the nature of students, the nature of knowledge, the purpose of public education, teaching methods and the importance of curriculum. My educational goals will focus on my development plans and future education. I feel that it is natural for students, or for that matter anyone, to want to learn. In my own experience, the pursuit of learning requires a high interest level in the subject matter being taught. You may have the most exciting subject on earth. However, if it is presented in an ineffective manner, interest levels will probably drop. I also feel the reverse is true. If a subject seems to be boring to a student, but it is presented in an entertaining, enthusiastic manner, the chance of increasing interest levels and thus learning is more likely to occur. I also feel the nature of knowledge is important, however, I feel the nature of knowledge differs based on subject matter. Matters that deal with sciences and mathematics are often absolute. 2 + 2 will always equal four and so fourth. When discussing social studies, my area of specialization, I feel that most knowledge is relative. Of course certain dates and facts are absolute, but the interesting part of social studies is interpretation. One may gather a group ...
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