Statement of Educational Goals and Philosophy

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Statement of Educational Goals and Philosophy

Knowledge is a very powerful thing, and to be able to deliver this to today’s youth has been a dream of mine for a long time. There are many advantages to teaching. I feel that is a very fulfilling profession. I have seen my sister in the classroom, and it greatly inspired me to want to make a difference in some ones life. Through watching my sister in action I was inspired to follow in her footsteps.

I believe that each child has the will to learn, and that if they have a teacher who is on fire they will be on fire. I think that if a teacher cannot be excited about why they are doing, how can they expect their students to be excited. I want to be a teacher who brings the classroom to life. I want to have students who share their own views, and show the desire to learn. I strongly feel that if I show a desire to learn, they will want to learn from me.

Children of all race, and creeds want to learn and excel. Unfortunately they usually come across an experience that can alter this desire. I also feel that a child’s home life can greatly affect their desire to learn. In order to help children in these situations you must be understanding, and try to see where they are coming from in order to give them the desire back. By being patient with students especially at the early childhood level when many times they are still in the early stages of life, I strongly feel they will gain a respect and love for school.

Knowledge is an endless institution from which you can always take from regardless of the situation. This has to be wanted from the beginning, children must understand that it is theirs for the taking. I strongly feel that each child can learn whatever he...

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... chance to do things in the real world it will be easier for them to learn what we are teaching.

I hope to one day be able to deliver all of these ideas and concepts to children in a classroom I call my own. I hope to graduate from college with a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Special Education with a minor in history. While teaching I intend on working through graduate schools earning a masters, and physical doctrine in special education. I hope to one day be employed by a university, and be able to educate future teachers. I hope to run a classroom where students have a say in their education, and I hope to have a great amount of mutual respect. My best learning experiences in school were in classrooms where I had a say so in my education. I hope to show children that they all have the same opportunity, and can achieve whatever their hearts desire.
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