Statement of Educational Goals And Philosophy

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Statement of Educational Goals And Philosophy

The nature of students is that of an instinctive ability to learn. Students of ages and all grade levels reflect their surroundings and respond according to their interpretation. Naturally it is not only the influence of a classroom that shapes a student but many outside factors that determine students’ goals and abilities; for example, healthy encouragement from parents. Students may find a natural ability to perform in one area of education and with help may fine tune their ability to better their understanding of other areas. Students have a better understanding of education when it is relevant to their needs and everyday life.

The nature of knowledge deals with two aspects: that of relative and absolute. From a relative perspective a student’s knowledge is determined by their perception of what surrounds them. Knowledge of any kind has the ability to inspire but if a student does not perceive that knowledge as worthy it may not become part of their educational formation. For instance, a student in art class may perceive different works of a good or bad based on their emotion reaction. On the other hand, the absolute knowledge of how a work of art is created may incorporate specific mathematics and color formulations that are not interpreted by emotion. The combining of relative and absolute knowledge is the result of having a dream and the knowledge to make it come true.

Overall, the purpose of public education is to provide knowledge in a manner that all of society may communicate and function on a common level with the intent of raising the standards of future societies. With this purpose in mind, it is the goal to mold...

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...nd emotional needs of students, incorporating as much as possible the various other academic subjects. My Education 305 class along with the observation that I completed has helped to bring the reality of students and the relationship of teacher-to-student into focus. Various strategies to maintain discipline within the classroom have been very helpful and given me a better knowledge of age appropriate rewards and punishments. It has also presented to me the most difficult task: motivation. It is not only the way that I see art but to see art through my students eyes and to develop their skill or lack of into something that they at least can appreciate. A teacher is not a magician but a teacher can use many tricks to keep students focused and motivated. Beginning with the first day until the last day it is my goal that every student learns something each day.
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