Statement Of Purpose In Dentistry

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I am in pursuit of such education which can lead my knowledge and creativity to think beyond the existing boundaries which helps in creating technologies for future. And this can be achieved by creating a concrete foundation in the field of dentistry where my purpose and passion forms a cement. By exploring in-depth knowledge of dentistry one can meet demanding needs for innovative solutions to proper oral health care for increasing population. Getting undergraduate education in dentistry helps us to learn the fundamental principles of dental science so that we are able to utilize these principles practically into real life situations and obtain optimal solutions. This knowledge gets enhanced when coupled with dedicated graduate studies…show more content…
The reason being that I have these yellowish white stains on my teeth, since then I have always been curious to know what these stains were, how they formed and so on. Academically as I moved on to my higher grades, my determination of becoming a dentist strengthened even more as I was really keen to know about my teeth. Later I learnt these stains are known as "Fluorosis". Another reason why I choose this field was because of my mother. I would accompany her to dental visits and couldn't bear to see her go through a lot of pain on her every visit to a dentist. As I belonged to a remote area, which lacked proper dental facilities and technology along with skilled dentist, the only treatment they would offer was extraction. Due to which my mother lost a lot of her teeth at a very early age of her life. I would see her struggle with eating and also facing social awkwardness when meeting with her friends or people. That's when I decided that no matter what I'll learn every single detail of dentistry and grasp all the advanced technology the field has to offer to budding dentists like me. And bring all this knowledge back so that I can give it all back to the society to make sure that no other person would ever have to go through painful and long dental…show more content…
One of them was Dr.Wayne.T.Kinney.Unconditional care he provides to patients and his down to earth nature inspired me. Dr.Kinney bring to light many amazing dental procedures including implants, oral surgeries, various grafting techniques and many more interesting procedures. I envision opening a Dental clinic that is patient-friendly, and given the influx of diverse patients in our healthcare system makes me particularly sensitive to their unique needs., I feel that my own immigrant experience At this juncture, I am certain of what I would like to do in life –seek the quality dental education and to gain as much as practical experience to my best . It is just a matter of how I get there now. The past four years have equipped me with the basic skills – ones required in the classroom as well as those on the outside. I feel that a DDs program would not only give me a chance to contribute to this field that I have come to adore but also help me grow as a dentist. furthermore,I can't denie how deeply even a minor procedure like filling can build selfconfidence and give someone a better quality of life . I await eagerly for my further education with great curiocity.

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