Statement Of Purpose In Computer Engineering

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Right from an early time I had a strong inclination to be a Computer Science Engineer but, I under graduated in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with a foresight. This diverse interest is the result of a firm conviction that I can build a well rounded career if I hold a degree in both these fields. I have mapped out my academic plans which will have a comprehensive understanding of both the hardware and the software skills. All these skills and expertise will equip me with useful tools to direct, foresee and handle electrical, electronics and computer related positive changes at my workplace. With a strong desire to be a part of the very best in the world, I hereby write this essay outlining my goals, educational background and research interests.
From childhood I carried number of questions in my mind like how does a fan starts rotating when we switch on a button ? why the removal of starter after the tube light glows does not effect its working? There were many such questions in my mind and as I grew up I understood that the electrical engineering is only the way by which I can find the solution for all my questions. So after completing my intermediate education I opted for electrical and electronic engineering. During my program along with the core subjects I was introduced to the subjects related to computers and this subjects had fascinated me a lot.
For the under-graduate course (B.Tech) I joined the vardhaman college of engineering under the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University. The syllabi and structure of the course in Electrical and Electronics were very comprehensive with elements of computer basics in it.Many eminent personalities from reputed organizations like ECIL (Electronics Corporation of Indi...

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...sity where there is much scope for improvement of personal as well as technical skills, through practical assignments and research. After considerable analysis I chose your institute as it has excellent faculty and infrastructure for research work. I am fully aware that your curriculum requires that I summon all my resources and aver that I have the necessary intelligence, devotion, perseverance and sincerity to look forward to it at all. My approach towards my academic career has been to set a goal and work hard to reach that goal. My main aim presently is to pursue M.S. in Computer Science at Arkansas Tech University, thus I will channelize my mental resources and unbridle my efforts into this productive avenue.

Finally, I thank you for this opportunity to express my dreams and hope I am accorded the opportunity to pursue my graduate studies at your university.
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