Statement Of Purpose For Economics And Mathematics

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Statement of Purpose After three years at Union College, I will graduate this spring with a double major (in the honors track) in economics and mathematics. I am looking forward to extending and developing my academic interests in international economics, which is the area of specialty I have concentrated on in my coursework and research during my undergraduate study. With the experience of growing up in China, I want to explore how globalization affects my country. I am currently working on my economics senior thesis – using a macroeconometric model of the Chinese economy to examine how increasing consumption, as a ratio of GDP (C/Y), might increase China’s real GDP in a series of short-run steps spread over a number of years. In particular,…show more content…
Since Seward Fellows gave me the chance to take one more course in each term, I decided to major in mathematics as well and learned more materials that help me to pursue success in economics. The experience of participating in the Putnam Exam and becoming a Meritorious Winner (top 10%) in the Mathematical Contest in Modeling encouraged me to take more advanced math courses. I finished all the course requirements for the math major by the end of the second year. In order to practice my logical thinking, I kept submitting, for two years, correct solutions to the math department weekly problems. In particular, my mathematics background helps me better understand and establish the macroeconomic model of the Chinese economy for my senior thesis. With the experience of majoring in both mathematics and economics, I am curious about how to combine these two different subjects. Therefore, I took experimental economics to better understand how people use mathematics to make right economic decisions. I participated in a group project in that course to analyze the inequality aversions under different institutions and environments. In particular, I am interested in prisoner’s dilemma in that course and decide to do a mathematics independent study about game theory in the coming
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