Statement Of Purpose For A Career In Finance

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Ever since my second year of university, I knew that I wanted to have a career in finance. However, I wasn 't going to be satisfied with the average 9 to 5 job at the local bank dealing with small loans and day-to-day personal banking. No, my goals are way bigger. After participating twice at the Rotman International Trading Competition in Toronto, I competed against some of the best schools in the world and developed an urge to learn the utmost possible about the finance world and to be the best. My first finance experience includes co-founding an investment club on campus that gained notable attention and that gathered multiple universities every year to organize Atlantic Canada 's largest stock simulation. In addition, I represented my school in a few other competitions and did quite well. Unfortunately, my Bachelor 's degree only went so far into detail, so even though I would spend countless hours talking to the director of the accounting/finance department, I knew that I had to pursue further studies in order to gain the necessary knowledge to achieve my goals.…show more content…
I might not have the highest GPA or greatest GMAT scores, but I did manage to make a lasting difference on my campus because of my drive and determination to improve the college learning experience and to motivate my peers to do the same. One of my biggest convictions remains that anybody in particular, can make a difference and be the best if they apply oneself. I want to make an impact at Wilfrid Laurier, I want to learn everything I can and I want to be the
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